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Become a client magnet with Education-Based Marketing

Become a client magnet with Education-Based Marketing
I propose to talk to you about how to Become a client magnet with Education-Based Marketing or How to Make Business Come to You


There is a misconception as an Internet marketer your most important function is to promote your products and services. In fact, your main focus should be to establish
that you are knowledgeable and can be trusted.
So, what does I mean? Most of us don't do business with people we don't trust. Even if you have the lowest prices, if your prospect doesn't trust you, it will be difficult to close the sale. This is the basis for Education-Based Marketing.


This is a powerful marketing strategy that establishes trust and credibility using educational messages. It is the direct opposite of traditional marketing, which uses selling-based messages.


People are tired of hearing worn-out, old sales pitches.  
In contrast, people sit up and listen when you share important facts and expert information that help them make a good buying decision.
To determine your Educational Message, imagine stepping into the mind of your prospect and listening to their mental conversation at the very moment they decide to begin shopping. What questions are they asking themselves?
The secret to attracting qualified prospects early in the sales cycle is to find out the answers to those questions and use them as the basis for your message.


Educational information that helps your prospects solve problems and make better decisions is the type of information that will attract prospects.
How To package Your Educational Marketing Message  to Generate Qualified Prospects?


You need to offer your educational message for free in exchange for your prospect's contact information. This is critical. Effective marketing is not just a matter of getting the word out but more importantly, getting a response back.
You can package your educational message as a written special report, an e-book,
an email course, a webinar, or a training call. Give it a great title, use a number
and some words as keys or secrets. People like numbered lists and knowing things
other people don't know (i.e. secrets). Give your educational messages exciting titles
and they will attract qualified prospects. 


How To Deliver Your Educational Marketing Message?


You should develop efficient strategies and processes to give away your educational marketing message. First, identify where are your targeted customers and offer your educational message at each touch points you can reach these customers.
That could be forums, social media, search engins...
A crucial aspect is to Resist the Urge to Give a Sales Pitch


It's easy to set your small business apart using Education-Based Marketing because most of your competitors are using selling-based marketing. The beauty of Education-Based Marketing is that you give prospective customers what they want, information and advice and remove what they don't want, a sales pitch.
By offering helpful advice, you establish yourself as an authority because prospects see you as a reliable source of information. After you have provided some helpful information you should warmly invite your prospects to call you, visit your website, come to your store, or take advantage of your free offer to do an onsite visit.
So, as you have propably understood, Education-Based Marketing captures prospects
earlier in the decision process and establishes a relationship of trust, resulting in dramatically higher sales and closing ratios.
Those internet marketers that seek to develop a relationship of trust by delivering a non-threatening educational message will position themselves as their prospect's first choice from which to buy your product or service.
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To your success
Lelia Raynal
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