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emarketing / webmarketing: Lelia Raynal - Michael Force - Jay Kubassek - CarbonCopyPRO Partnered Up To Create The Most Powerful Sale System COOP
emarketing / webmarketing : Lelia Raynal Partnered Up With Michael Force, Jay Kubassek And CarbonCopyPRO To Create the Most Powerful Sale System COOP. Since CarbonCopyPRO release, this is the biggest announcement in emarketing / webmarketing industry. A huge sale's funnel, combining the one's of Lelia Raynal, Michael Force and Jay Kubassek, will be created inside CarbonCopyPRO to empower the biz of the COOP members.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Google adwords PPC strategies-Master Google adwords PPC
As Cherie Yvette, Lelia Raynal gives you insights to master Google adwords PPC strategies and avoid Google slap. To avoid google slap, understand key elements and Master Google adwords PPC as well.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

5 Reasons Why Local Entrepreneurs Must Master Internet Marketing Strategies

Local entrepreneurs often spend most of their time focused on a limited market, but with the simple act of broadening one’s geographic horizons via the Internet, a wealth of opportunity suddenly opens up. Internet marketing strategies are important to local entrepreneurs for several reasons.

1. Marketing on the Internet results in an expanded client base since knowledge of your business is now available worldwide. If you stay strictly local, only those within your vicinity will be aware of your existence, which severely limits your client base.

2. With the implementation of successful Internet marketing strategies, you will be visible to others all around the world who are in the exact same business that you are. Perhaps they will be your competitors, perhaps your allies; whatever the case, you’re certain to learn from one another. Networking with other entrepreneurs is a way to ramp up your own success efforts, attracting even more business than you could before.

3. Local entrepreneurs can’t stay local for long in this technological age. Investing in tried and proven Internet marketing strategies can help local entrepreneurs vie with competitors who have already developed a solid Web presence. Such an investment can also help businesses adapt more quickly to the unexpected.

4. Many people question the validity of a business that doesn't market itself on the Web. Even those who enjoy buying from entrepreneurs local to their area may appreciate the opportunity to do so through the Internet from the comfort of their own home. Giving them this option can play a tremendous factor in business growth.

5. The fifth and final reason why local entrepreneurs should master Internet marketing strategies is that everyone else is doing it. That might seem like a silly reason, but businesses are required to exhaust every marketing opportunity available in order to keep up with their rivals. If your competition is marketing on the Internet but you aren't, you're going to be left behind. Even if you weren't planning on converting completely to Internet marketing strategies, all local entrepreneurs should consider developing some form of Web presence in order to stay relevant.

The bottom line is that local entrepreneurs must be able to think locally but act globally. The internet allows even the smallest micro business to that. By providing unlimited and unfettered access to the world’s markets, the internet changes everything. Fluctuations or downturns in the local economy are irrelevant to local entrepreneurs who have established a global footprint online. Even if local economic conditions are in tatters, somewhere else on this huge planet are people with money who want to spend it. By putting the local entrepreneur in touch with this dynamic global marketplace, the internet changes the entire equation.

Again however, it doesn’t happen automatically, and it’s not necessarily easy to master. Internet marketing strategies change at the speed of light—what worked last week may not work tomorrow—and the evolution is constant. In order to deploy workable internet marketing strategies, the local entrepreneur must become a student of the process. Learn as much as you can, and keep learning. It’s essential to your long term success.

Lelia Raynal
The Entrepreneur Empowerer

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Secret to Become a Leader in Internet Marketing: Follow Successful Internet Marketers and Utilize Their Leadership Model

Internet marketing is big business today, so it's no surprise that people want to jump on the bandwagon. It’s a romantic idea, though, to think that one can become a leader in Internet marketing, use that leadership to get rich, and then kick back enjoy the “high life” without ever lifting a finger again. Successful Internet marketers have worked very hard to get where they are, and the best of them do what they need to do to stay there. If you're going to be one of them, you've got to follow their leadership model – and that can be easier said than done. All Internet marketers are a little bit different, and the kind of business one of them operates may not be anything like the kind of business you have in mind. That could mean the leadership model that particular marketer uses wouldn't be the right one for you.

To become a leader in Internet marketing by following the leadership model of someone else, you first need to start looking for marketers who have the same kind of business goals and desires that you have. If your values and plans are nothing like the values and plans of someone else, it can be counterproductive to attempt to follow that person's lead. Successful Internet marketers are out there, and the leadership information they have to offer is valuable, but only if it's information that you feel comfortable receiving and utilizing. If it feels unscrupulous or wrong to you, no matter how much money it makes, then it's not the right choice for your business goals.

The good news is that you can become a leader in Internet marketing because there are many successful Internet marketers out there. You need to find the one that you admire most, one that you really think speaks to what you're trying to do with your business – and it's possible that there will be more than one Internet marketer who has this kind of leadership model. By studying the people you admire and learning from their leadership examples, you can enjoy your newfound success and become a leader in Internet marketing, too. Successful Internet marketers don't get there overnight, but they do get there, because they're willing to work hard and learn from what others have to offer.

The key is that you need to spend some time thinking about what you are doing. In order to become a leadership model, you need to be able to lead. And that means helping other successful internet marketers—or perhaps even unsuccessful ones—to become even more successful. But in order to become successful in internet marketing, you need to have a process. The more fully developed and defined your process is, the better. If you do it right, this process literally becomes your brand, and will catapult you to the levels of success you seek. For an example, think about Michael Dillard and his concept of Magnetic Sponsoring. He became a leader simply by creating a process that helps others to become a leader as well.

It’s not necessarily easy, but it can be done. Spend the time to think about what you’re doing, and you too can become a leader in internet marketing.

Lelia Raynal
The Entrepreneur Empowerer

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Why Should I Purchase An Application?

This is a great call explaining from the inside "Why should I purchase an application?"

Listen to this invaluable tool I share with you

Lelia Raynal

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Master PPC as Cherie Yvette, Urban Cowgirl-prevent google slap
As Cherie Yvette, Lelia Raynal gives you insights to master PPC and prevent google slap. To avoid google slap, understand key elements and Master PPC as well.

Business Success Strategies: Keys to Develop Millionaire Mindset

To become successful, learn the value of the millionaire mindset, founded on clearly articulated goals coupled with an unstoppable drive to achieve these goals.

Everyone wants to be successful, but the term “business success” can mean different things to different people. Many of us equate success with money; others value the status it confers or the ability to persuade others. Fortunately, there are plenty of success strategies to go around. For most of us, a business exists first and foremost to generate money. Whatever your idea of success may be, if you’re going to be successful, you must first learn the value of the millionaire mindset. The millionaire mindset is founded on clearly articulated goals coupled with an unstoppable drive to achieve these goals. People who aren't fully committed to what they're doing are likely to give up at the first sign of trouble. Yet in order to succeed in any business, it is crucial that you rise to meet each and every challenge that comes your way.

With success strategies in general, and business success strategies in particular, giving up is not an option. Sometimes it becomes necessary to jettison baggage and move on, but this should be a result of a clear-headed business decision, not the desire to quit due to frustration or lack of confidence. A millionaire mindset is a never-say-die orientation to life, both personally and professionally. Anyone with this mindset knows that business success strategies differ from person to person, but the foundation they rest upon is always the same. True success strategies are thorough and systematic. The people behind them are committed wholeheartedly to their businesses. Changes are made as needed to facilitate business growth.
Those who have the millionaire mindset are adept at tapping into the fortuitous opportunities that co-exist with challenges and setbacks. Indeed, the development of a millionaire mindset requires a person to view things differently. Try not to interpret life’s uncertainties as insurmountable problems, or you won’t be achieving business success anytime soon. Instead, challenges should be perceived as opportunities to grow into the very best that you’re capable of being. Likewise, your business will blossom, attracting clients from all walks of life. Businesses that fail to adapt to the times will invariably fail to attract clients, and that's the worst recipe for business success.
Lelia Raynal
The Entrepreneur Empowerer

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Web Copywriting Made Easy:5-Step to Become Successful Copywriter

For anyone who wants to be a successful copywriter, there's a lot to consider and some work to be done. Web copywriting can be difficult, and if it's not done correctly, the results will unfortunately be poor. Copywriting made easy requires you to do the following:

1. Know your audience. If you can't say who you're marketing to, how are you supposed to sell them anything? You should have a target market, and when you find one and learn about its needs, you have a better chance of being a successful copywriter.

2. Know your product or service. Like your market, you have to know your product through and through. Placing a few open-ended ideas in your copy can sometimes leave people wanting to find out more, and that can keep them coming back. Being vague, though, just makes it seem like your Web copywriting skills aren't strong enough to explain your product or service. People won't want to buy from you if you don't know what you're selling.

3. Showcase the value of what you can offer to customers. There aren't too many truly new products or services out there. So, copywriting made easy requires that you show people why what you're offering is better and more valuable than what someone else (i.e., your competitor) is offering.

4. Write for your customers, not for yourself. You have your own preferences for the sorts of things you like to read, but you have to anticipate what your customers want to know. Cast your Web copywriting with the correct tone and focus, and customers will respond in a positive way to what you have to say.

5. Keep working on the craft. A successful copywriter writes. A lot. Web copywriting is different from writing intended for print, and practice makes perfect, so it's very important that you keep writing. That's true even if your first attempts aren't as good as you'd hoped.

By taking these steps and following them carefully, over time your Web copywriting skills will improve. You'll be a successful copywriter, and you'll see your business grow. Copywriting made easy isn't a myth, but nothing is free – you still have to take action and work at becoming better to realize optimum business success.

Oh and by the way—becoming a successful copywriter requires one other thing. You need to write. Because the reality is that writers write. Copywriting made easy requires you to make it easy. It won’t happen all by itself. The computer won’t turn itself on automatically, and the words won’t appear magically on the screen. Web copywriting requires you to do it.

Sure sometimes writers block sets in, particularly for writers who are inexperienced or out of practice. Don’t let anything stop you. If you want to master web copywriting, if you want to become a successful copywriter, you have to write. Here’s a tip to help you get started. Come up with your article idea before you sit down at the computer. Take a walk, run an errand, do a chore, eat a snack, but whatever you do, don’t stare at an empty screen. Clear your mind and inspiration will come. When the big idea hits, then sit down and get started. Remember—writers write.

Lelia Raynal
The Entrepreneur Empowerer

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

6 Keys To Develop YOUR Leadership

6 Keys To Develop YOUR Leadership and become the top earner you dream to be. In our society, people learned to follow models not to become suche models. Leader are the models and they know how to be attractive and interesting. We all have the ability to improve our leadership. The key elements are : self-confidence, passion for our projects, commitment, interest for sharing, giving, helping others. If it seems so simple, we should first transform what we have learned for ever. By applying the 6 keys presented in this video, your status will change dramatically and your projects will also be successful!

If you want to know more about leadership and my business, visit my website and feel free to contact me at

Personal Branding KEY From Top Earner-Lelia Raynal From Las Vegas
Personal Branding KEY From Top Earner-Lelia Raynal From Las Vegas Internet is a huge market growing exponentially. Internet marketing as a strategy of home based business or new income ressource exploded. Many internet marketer offer the same product, the same tools. The KEY is personal branding and your ability to create your "YOU INC.". As an individual, you are unique, highly valuable. Talk with your heart, your emotions, your feeling. Prospects and clients will be attracted by your emotion, your authenticity. They will trust you and will connect with you. Create a personal branding strategy to get this originality and authenticity that will attract client to you and become a magnetic sponsor.

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Do You Have the Entrepreneurial Mindset? Here Are a Few Keys to Develop it

Do you have the entrepreneurial mindset these days?

Here is an article I wrote about entrepreneurial mindset. This is essential to become a successful entrepreneur

Do you have the entrepreneurial mindset these days? In my company, quite every training calls or webinars start by talking about the entrepreneurial mindset, commitment, drive and focus. Then, we talk about strategies, tools and skills!

Is this boring to you?

Think about it: 97% of the Internet marketers, online workers or home based business beginners fail to succeed and stop their business after 120 days or less! It is absolutely crazy! It appears that these people did not develop the entrepreneurial mindset that is essential to succeed.

Top earners usually went through the same steps than newbies. They saw a lot of starting and failing because of a lack of a entrepreneurial mindset. Top earners know that the personal state, personal development and mindset are CRITICAL to succeed!

That is why there is a part, in all the trainings, which talks about that and conditions us to have what it takes to succeed. So, it is top priority to take full responsibility to integrate all these notions, to create an empowered entrepreneurial mindset, to get all the personal resources needed to follow through and reach our outcomes.

That could seem trivial, but for sure it is not. For at least several weeks or months, you need to accept to work a lot (and you MUST work a lot), to accept to have no or poor results, no comments about your articles, your posts, no feedback from your videos, and no LEADS! You need to accept that your great idea is not seen by others for a while, except by initiates. By developing this strong mindset with really strong commitment, drive, focus, you will go through the necessary steps, to develop your ability to become visible on the web, without losing your engagement to succeed.

You know that everyone that claims you will be able to make a lot of money in a few weeks is a pusher of clouds, or a scammer!

To help you to develop a stronger entrepreneurial mindset, think about these questions and find your empowering answers:

- Do you have a clear WHY you started your small home based business?
- Do you have a clear and precise plan for the next days, weeks and months?
- Do you have a clear commitment to succeed whatever will be the frustrated moments you will face?
- Do you have the drive to work each day, to take massive actions day after day until you get results?
- Do you have the focus to use all your energy and actions to concentrate on specific strategies and tools in a way to reach your outcome?
- Do you take time and personal development tools to empower you?
- Do you use the incredible power of your unconscious mind (what an interesting subject!)?

There are no good or bad answers. You must find YOUR empowering answers. Take time to clarify your goals, your outcomes, the ways you want to take to reach them.

It is always time to reinforce your entrepreneurial mindset. In fact, take actions to improve it each day, takes time for personal development, create a precise plan of action including specific times for personal growth. This time will be powerful and will help you tremendously.

Lelia Raynal

Lelia Raynal is a Business Coach and Mentor and an Internet Marketer. This team leader helps entrepreneurs to implement Internet marketing in their business and to improve their marketing strategies. Lelia Raynal is a former Scientist, with a PhD in Molecular Biology. She worked for 15 years as researcher and Team Leader in Cancerology and Public Health. Frustrated and tired by her career in research, she started her home based business as Internet marketer and completely transformed her life. As a successful self entrepreneur, she enjoys to spend time with her family, to be her own boss, to have the freedom to run her business from everywhere in the world, to share her expertise with the community and to help other entrepreneurs to succeed in their business.

Dedicated to your success

How to find the top online business opportunities and what it truly takes to succeed.

As you are looking at this blog post and video, your are probably looking for an opportinuty to work at home, online

I want to give you today some insight about:

How to find the top online business opportunities and what it truly takes to succeed.

You have to consider in detail several crucial point

1. Find yourself a leader, a successful person who will inspire you, a helper, a contributor, a great trainer. This leader has to be dedicated to his team on a daily basis. Meaning that it is often not the best choice to select a top earner because his team is so big that he has no time to support significantly newbies. He focus on already successful people, leaving others working alone most often.

2.Take in consideration to have a support team to work with, a community of people working the same way and succeeding.

3. Choose an effective marketing system. Are the people making money with this system or this opportunity? Will you be able to earn money quickly, in a few months or less?

4. How work the system? Is it doing all the selling, the calling, and the sorting for every member?

5. Is there an efficient training platform prepared by strong experts, available 24/7. Is that platform give you access to the best, up-to-date marketing strategies?

6. What is the product? The product should be unique and in high demand.The company has to be the producer, not just the distributor.

7. Look at the compensation plan. Choose a business opportunity which is really proficient in its compensation plan.

8. What are the recruiting methods? You should exclude companies which require that you purchase leads from leads vendor (or from a company generated lead) because you want to learn and generate your own leads. You want to be able to apply marketing strategies to any c. You want to acquire a value as a marketer. Not be dependant of the company

9. Reject MLM companies and their old internet marketing strategies, in which people are struggling and loosing a lot of money but have to act as they were successful. Choose a Top tier internet marketing model in which people are telling you their true story and giving you the real numbers!
As you are reading this post, I remember myself several months ago while I was as yourself looking for online opportunities or considering changing career. I was addressing these very points to choose the right online business opportunity. I found this perfect opportunity for me: a top tier online business and marketing platform giving me all the training and support required as a newbie. I found a successful community of entrepreneurs empowering each and every member. In a few months, I dramatically transformed my life while working from home, or from everywhere in the world. I spend time with my daughter, my husband and my friends. I now have the opportunity to travel the world with my computer while the system is essentially working for me. I now live the life I was just able to dream about before.

I will be glad to help you in your research and in your online business. To obtain more information about my business and see how I could help you to live the life of your dreams as well, go to my website or e-mail me at

Lelia Raynal
Entrepreneur Empowerer
M2 Master Consultant

The Secret To Become A Millionaire In Internet Marketing

the secret to become a millionaire in internet marketing is to use a top tier marketing & training system wth a powerful platform. This very unique online system is CarbonCopyPro. It offers 24/7 trainings, live webinar and training calls, live support through a call center. It creates a powerful community of entrepreneurs. And finally, the system of mentor give you all you require for success. Be careful when searching for a mentor. Top earners are great, but they have so many people in their own team that they do not have time to take of beginners and to give the essential support to start the right way. Having a smaller team, as a mentor we are able to help much more closely the newbie and teach him.

If you want to know more about this system and my business, visit my website and feel free to contact me at

Your Success In 2010 And Beyond Depends On These 10 Things

I found this great article about leadership from Rose Mis.

I really wanted to share it with you Enjoy the reading.... and learning because it rocks!

In order to be successful in business ….

You have to find a need and fill it … people buy solutions to their problems...

You have to be unique…you have to be someone or have something that separates you from the competition…

And…I believe that this is the most important of all…

You have to have a certain kind of mental toughness because the difference between winning and losing in business is so small that most people don't get it and they lose JUST short of winning…

You can be doing 99% of everything right in business…

But if you miss that 1%…that winning edge…that mental toughness…it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to win.

There are no tests designed to measure what's in the heart of a man or a woman. The key to winning BIG is inside of the individual person. It is their integrity…their people skills...their character. Once they develop the winning edge…They become UNSTOPPABLE…They are force to be RECKONED WITH…They are the LEADER that people are LOOKING FOR.

Here are 10 things that I believe you need to WIN BIG in Life and Business

Get Excited. People cannot handle any more negativity. They can't handle any more wimps and whiners. 90% of the population can stay excited about something for 2-3 months and then they are done with it and on to something else. 7% of the population can stay excited for 2-3 years and then they are off to something else just before they exprience TRUE success. 3% of the population can stay excited for 20 or 30 years…however long it takes to be successful. Those are the folks that win BIG. Those are the success stories that we all hear about. These are the folks that breathe life..excitement... and enthusiasm in every person they meet and into everything they do. People LOVE being around positive...enthusiastic...excited people. Be that person and others will be drawn to you like moths to a flame.

Become a Dreamer Again. You have got to have a great big fat dream that lights you up like the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center. It has to be so vivid that whenever you think about it your heart starts pounding in your chest. It's the dream that keeps you awake at night trying to figure out how you are going to make it happen. If you don't have a dream like this you are dead in the water when things get tough. You will have nothing to keep you moving forward and you will quit. Make your dreams so real for yourself that you have no choice but to become the you of your dreams.

Feel GOOD About Yourself. You have got to OBLITERATE the words I CAN'T from your vocabulary. You have got to bury them and let them rest in peace. They can never fall from your lips again..they can never enter your mind again. When you banish those words of lack and limitation from your vocabulary and your mind … YOU CAN DO ANYTHING…YOU BECOME UNSTOPPABLE

Stand For Something. People are fed up with wishy-washy lookie-loos…fence sitters. People are looking for…they are demanding honest LEADERS with integrity to step up and reveal themselves…to LEAD. People are tired of the con artists…the shills who are willing to sell any kind of junk just to make a buck. People are clamoring for honesty. When you step up and stand for something, when you speak with integrity and honesty…the right people will hear you and flock to you. You become the leader that they have been searching for.

Get Used To Being Controversial. You have got to be controversial. When everyone is zigging…you need to zagging. If you are doing exactly what everyone else is doing you are average and ordinary. You are nothing more than mediocre. If you want everyone to like you…mediocre will do the trick just fine. When you choose to be controversial…you become extraordinary. Lot's of people won't like you. Get used to it. You CAN be awesome and tough at the same time. The RIGHT people will appreciate you for it. And they will join forces with you because you are singing a song that is music to their ears.

Get Totally Committed. You must be totally committed to what you are all about. You can't just try something out to see if it works for you. You can't become successful by dipping your big toe in the water to see if the temperature is just right. It's all or nothing. JUMP IN and SWIM. You have got to be committed to doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Commitment gives you the courage you need to fight motivate yourself when things get tough. And trust me….things will get tough. Things will not always work out the way that you want them to. Commitment gives you the strength you need to pick yourself up for the 8th time right after you have fallen flat on your butt 7 times. It gives you the strength to talk to one more person after 100 have said NO to you. It gives you the strength to learn the skills that you need to master a new piece of technology. Commitment gives you confidence…it strengthens your faith in yourself and what you are doing.

Treat People Right. You have got to treat people right. You have got to LOVE people. You have got to CARE about them. You got to be willing to get burnt once in a while so that you can show people how GREAT they really are. Everyone wants to be SOMEBODY. Everyone wants to know that they are IMPORTANT. Everyone wants to know that they are VALUABLE. Everyone wants to be APPRECIATED. When you choose to speak a person's GREATNESS INTO THEM. When you choose to show someone just how IMPORTANT THEY ARE, you just became the miracle that they are looking for.

Have The Right Priorities. You have to have the right priorities. You are a holistic being. Your life must be in balance. Tunnel vision doesn't cut it. If you have a lousy spiritual life…or a lousy personal life…ultimately your business will pay the price for your imbalance. YOU are your business. If you are not thriving personally or spiritually…it will show up in your business sooner or later. The healthier you are…the healthier your business is. Take the time to work on all areas of your life. Your business will thrive because of it.

Have The Heart of a Champion. You have got to have the heart of a champion. The desire and will to win is EVERYTHING. You have got to get FIRED UP and STAY FIRED UP. You are here to make a difference with your life. You have got to be willing to pay the price and a little bit more that success demands of you to win. You have got to be mentally tough and you can never…ever quit. QUITTERS NEVER WIN and WINNERS NEVER QUIT.

Be A Leader. You have got to be a leader. Leadership is EVERYTHING. This world desperately needs leaders. Leaders make things happen…they JUST DO IT. "Almost" is a lifestyle for most people…I almost did this….I almost did that… Winners DO IT…Leaders DO IT. They do whatever it takes to get the job done…they do whatever it takes to win. They roll up their sleeves..they hunker down and they just do it…and do it..and do it..and do it…until the job gets done !! Get rid of the excuses… get rid of the I can'ts…banish the I don't want to's…and just DO IT.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what you believe it takes to be successful in both life and business. I am sure that everyone has a suggestion or two about what they think are the most powerful attributes of success. So, take a minute to comment and share with everyone else !! I am grateful for all of your feedback !!