Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Do You Have the Entrepreneurial Mindset? Here Are a Few Keys to Develop it

Do you have the entrepreneurial mindset these days?

Here is an article I wrote about entrepreneurial mindset. This is essential to become a successful entrepreneur

Do you have the entrepreneurial mindset these days? In my company, quite every training calls or webinars start by talking about the entrepreneurial mindset, commitment, drive and focus. Then, we talk about strategies, tools and skills!

Is this boring to you?

Think about it: 97% of the Internet marketers, online workers or home based business beginners fail to succeed and stop their business after 120 days or less! It is absolutely crazy! It appears that these people did not develop the entrepreneurial mindset that is essential to succeed.

Top earners usually went through the same steps than newbies. They saw a lot of starting and failing because of a lack of a entrepreneurial mindset. Top earners know that the personal state, personal development and mindset are CRITICAL to succeed!

That is why there is a part, in all the trainings, which talks about that and conditions us to have what it takes to succeed. So, it is top priority to take full responsibility to integrate all these notions, to create an empowered entrepreneurial mindset, to get all the personal resources needed to follow through and reach our outcomes.

That could seem trivial, but for sure it is not. For at least several weeks or months, you need to accept to work a lot (and you MUST work a lot), to accept to have no or poor results, no comments about your articles, your posts, no feedback from your videos, and no LEADS! You need to accept that your great idea is not seen by others for a while, except by initiates. By developing this strong mindset with really strong commitment, drive, focus, you will go through the necessary steps, to develop your ability to become visible on the web, without losing your engagement to succeed.

You know that everyone that claims you will be able to make a lot of money in a few weeks is a pusher of clouds, or a scammer!

To help you to develop a stronger entrepreneurial mindset, think about these questions and find your empowering answers:

- Do you have a clear WHY you started your small home based business?
- Do you have a clear and precise plan for the next days, weeks and months?
- Do you have a clear commitment to succeed whatever will be the frustrated moments you will face?
- Do you have the drive to work each day, to take massive actions day after day until you get results?
- Do you have the focus to use all your energy and actions to concentrate on specific strategies and tools in a way to reach your outcome?
- Do you take time and personal development tools to empower you?
- Do you use the incredible power of your unconscious mind (what an interesting subject!)?

There are no good or bad answers. You must find YOUR empowering answers. Take time to clarify your goals, your outcomes, the ways you want to take to reach them.

It is always time to reinforce your entrepreneurial mindset. In fact, take actions to improve it each day, takes time for personal development, create a precise plan of action including specific times for personal growth. This time will be powerful and will help you tremendously.

Lelia Raynal

Lelia Raynal is a Business Coach and Mentor and an Internet Marketer. This team leader helps entrepreneurs to implement Internet marketing in their business and to improve their marketing strategies. Lelia Raynal is a former Scientist, with a PhD in Molecular Biology. She worked for 15 years as researcher and Team Leader in Cancerology and Public Health. Frustrated and tired by her career in research, she started her home based business as Internet marketer and completely transformed her life. As a successful self entrepreneur, she enjoys to spend time with her family, to be her own boss, to have the freedom to run her business from everywhere in the world, to share her expertise with the community and to help other entrepreneurs to succeed in their business.

Dedicated to your success

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