Thursday, March 11, 2010

Internet Marketing Strategy for Local Biz: Step-by-Step Guide

Internet Marketing Strategy for Local Biz: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Got an Internet marketing strategy? Well, most locally based businesses don’t. But if you are interested in attracting new customers and getting more from the ones you already have through a sound Internet marketing strategy, read on.

Why should you have an Internet marketing strategy? Because, more and more, the Internet is your customers’ primary source of information – locally and globally – making a good Internet marketing strategy more important than ever.

Without an Internet marketing strategy, you will never know what you may be missing. Without an Internet marketing strategy, you are leaving the door open for your competitors. Without an Internet marketing strategy, you have no hope of being heard amongst the clutter.

Here is where an Internet marketing strategy is most critical: Many people research a product or service on the Internet, then contact a business or go to a local store to buy. Without an Internet marketing strategy, you are not even in the running… they’ve already made up their minds. You must present the case for your products and services with an Internet marketing strategy that puts you in front of customers when they are doing the research, not after they have made a decision.  

Your Website is the Foundation

An integral part of your Internet marketing strategy is a well-written, expertly crafted website that not only sells your product or service but also advances your Internet marketing strategy.

Set yourself up for Internet marketing strategy success by developing the right website. Your website designer can help your Internet marketing strategy by optimizing your website for search engines. This involves Internet marketing strategy tools such as meta-tags, keywords, and other design features that garner you a higher rank on results pages. Also, make sure your website has a content management system that allows you to make changes as your Internet marketing strategy changes.

Link Yourself to Other Reputable Sites


Another Internet marketing strategy is to link to as many other reputable, high-traffic websites as you can. Search engines will see your website linked to many other websites that have a lot of traffic and will rank you higher, one of the main goals of your Internet marketing strategy.  


Begin Your SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Program

Search engine marketing is an integral part of your Internet marketing strategy. It involves Internet marketing strategy methods such as paid advertising on other sites and pay-per-click, where you can specify how much you will pay to come up on the results pages for a certain search term.

Finding the right keywords to bid on is critical to your Internet marketing strategy.  Google’s AdWords can galvanize your Internet marketing strategy by walking you through the process of placing pay-per-click advertising on keywords people use to find what they need.

Monitoring and Tweaking Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Internet marketing strategy requires constant evaluation. Once again, Google can help. Google’s analytics program (have your website designer set this up for you) is a great Internet marketing strategy reporting tool: You can monitor and analyze your traffic daily in order to maximize your Internet marketing strategy.

Don’t Be Afraid to Change Your Internet Marketing Strategy


Most importantly, don’t be afraid to incorporate new elements into your Internet marketing strategy. Your Internet marketing strategy, like the Internet itself, should be fluid and changeable.


Internet marketing strategy represents one of the most cost-effective opportunities for growth. With the right Internet marketing strategy, you can achieve your goals—no question about it.


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