Saturday, October 31, 2009

“Get Clients Now” from C.J. Hayden – Overview of an awesome marketing tool-book to become a successful entrepreneur

“Get Clients Now” from C.J. Hayden – Overview of an awesome marketing tool-book to become a successful entrepreneur

To be a successful entrepreneur it requires marketing and self-promotion. “Get Clients Now!” is a MUST HAVE book which takes the mystery out of online and offline marketing. If you are ready to take your business to the next level or even if you are just starting your business, this book presents a clear, easy-to-use program to master marketing strategies and become a successful entrepreneur. “Get Clients Now” is more than a book, it is a complete action oriented tool-box.
This tool-book provides you exercise to help you establish the momentum you will need and a worksheet that will serve you as a fantastic guide to plan your way to success as an entrepreneur. You will find as well offline marketing strategies and the latest internet marketing strategies with emphasis on relationship marketing. Any professional will benefit of this book by giving them clue to market themselves, their ideas and their products. The local business owner will find tremendous information to promote their business.
Get Clients Now!” is a type of cookbook, organized as a 28-day program to guide you step-by-step in developing efficient marketing strategies and helping you to prepare a plan to become a successful entrepreneur. The book is organize in three parts : Part I presents the different marketing strategies and help you to define which of these strategies would be the most appropriate for you; Part II guides you to elaborate your system, to design your action plan by presenting you the Success ingredients in a way to choose the most efficient for you and helps you to put your system into action by presenting you the 28-day action plan; Part III helps you to apply the strategies you specified in your action plan by giving you the marketing recipes for each stage of the marketing circle. By injecting these tools and recipes in a structured marketing plan, you will create a time-efficient, productive plan to master marketing strategies and will join the select club of successful entrepreneur.I saw so many benefits from this book, first of all explaining and clarifying the different efficient marketing strategies. Then, this book helped me to organize my business plan, gave me ideas and strategies to empower my business. References to many other experts and other authors in marketing and texts from them were also really useful to expand knowledge and to find the most powerful resources to become a successful entrepreneur. This book was a great ingredient to become the successful entrepreneur that I am now. If you want more information about how this book and my business model helped me and now how I share with other, visit my website at

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  1. Your descriptive comments of: cookbook, ingredient and tools captured my attention. I like books that get down to the point and have a practical plan for implementation.